1979 Dodge Magnum

I have a twin brother we rebuilt our parents 1972 Dodge charger in 1982. It was our car It was in our parents name we drove it. The first car that was in my name. I bought it in 1985. I restored it in 1985 I loved that car I drove it everywhere. I bought a 1979 Magnum GT in about 2007 it does not have any rust in it. But it is beat up from the Texas Sun. The person I bought it from was the original owner. He worked for dodge in 1978. He bought  a 1978 Little Red Express in 1978 and this Magnum in 1979. He had some up grades put it when he bought it. He had it in a storage lot for quit some time. There was homeless people living in the car. The interior is all bad. I got it running and started working on it when the trans went out. started a complete restoration on it in 2012. It is painted now. I hope to get back to this project soon.

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1959 Power Wagon 

This is my 1959 Dodge Power Wagon Project. I bought 5 of these trucks from one guy. This is one of them. I took my everyday driver a 2001 Dodge 3/4 Ton 24V cummins truck. Striped it down and put the frame and chasie under the 1959 truck.      


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