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The Challengers

Specializing in facials, parties, What ever you want us to do, we'll do it for you.

Our team of specialists will take the time to discuss what you want and determine the appropriate  Glamor or Skin care needed to accomplish the look you're going for. We're here to make you beautiful.

Schedule a free consultation with the Challengers for skin care or glamor :  940-441-3011

The Challengers 

Skin Care and Glamor 

We are a group of women here to help you with your beauty and skin care needs.

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2009 Challenger  My Wifes car 

Since she worked for Mary Kay I thought why not paint it Panther Pink like the 1970's Challengers. I could put my custom touch on it.  I put my custom stripe around the front bumper. I thought it gave the car a mean look like it was growling at you and a custom stripe down the side similar to the 1970 AAR Challanger. What I came up with is a new car with that old mussel car look and tied it all around Brendas Mary Kay business and the panther pink. The car turned out great we love it there is not another one out there like it .